5 reasons why you should sleep with a Satin bonnet

If you have seen the movie 'Nappily Ever After' on Netflix, then you probably have a good idea of the struggle black women go through to arrive each day with perfect hair. While we recommend that you never become as obsessed as Violet was with her hair, you do need to take certain measures to care for your natural hair.

Wearing a satin bonnet at night before you go to bed is one way of maintaining a healthy and natural hairstyle. Satin bonnets are made from light satin (duh) fabric so you wouldn't even feel them on your hair.

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They protect your hair from tangling together at night when you toss and turn (we assure you: there are few things worse than washing and setting your hair at night only to wake up and find them in complete disarray) and help prevent breakage.

You can find satin bonnets anywhere these days so if you do not have one as part of your natural hair-care routine, you've been living under a rock. Here are 5 reasons why wearing a satin bonnet to sleep gets a resounding 'yes' from us.

  1. Protection from breakage: Excessive chemicals from hair products and lack of proper hair-care routine can cause damage to the hair through breakage. The most popular culprit, however, is lack of moisture. Cotton, which is the favored fabric for our pillowcases and sheets, is known to absorb moisture from the hair.

A Satin hair bonnet helps retain the moisture in your hair throughout the night, keeping your hair hydrated and supple, and also reduces the friction that occurs when your hair rubs against cotton linen. Friction can cause damage to your hairline since the hair around there is the softest and can easily break.

  1. Never skip hair day: Mornings are usually the best time to sit over the mirror and work the magic on your hair. However, not everybody has the luxury of time in the morning: running late for work, fixing breakfast, going through the final parts of your presentation. Mornings can be so much of a rush!

This is why some people prefer to work on their hair at night. The only problem with this is that you might wake up in the morning with a series of tangled knots on your hair and have to re-do the whole straightening or curling process all over again.

Not with satin bonnets, you don't. They help minimize frizz on your hair as you toss and turn in your sleep.

  1. It saves you money: Oh yes, you heard that right! We've established that satin bonnets retain the moisture in your hair to leave it full of nourishment.

This reduces hair damage through breakage and consequently, the amount of money you might spend on buying hair-care products.

Furthermore, it retains the content of products you have applied on your hair to keep it supple. Again, this saves you a lot of money as constant reapplication of hair-care products means you spend more money going to the salon or on the products themselves.

 For the meager amounts they cost to purchase, satin bonnets sure give a lot back in terms of investment

  1. It promotes hair growth: By retaining the moisture in the hair to keep it hydrated, and also reducing the friction that causes strands of the hair to fall off, Satin bonnets will help you grow a crown of full and natural hair.
  2. It saves you time: Wearing satin bonnets on your hair before you go to sleep helps maintain your hairstyle. This reduces the amount of time spent in front of the mirror trying to re-do your hair.

Its moisture-retaining ability allows your hair to stay moisturized for a longer period of time effectively saving you time from constant washing and setting your hair.

 So if you feel like you are losing a lot of hair due to breakage, or you are trying - and failing - to grow a long, natural hair that you really crave, sleeping with Satin bonnets on may just be the simple solution you needed all along.

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