Father and Son Durag Sets

Our Father and Son Durag Sets are perfect for you and your little man to match. Usually, a boy's first hero is his father and they want to grow up to be just like them. Put a huge smile on your son's face with our matching durag sets you know he's going to love it.

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Make Their Day With Father and Son Durags!

One of the best parts of being a boy dad is getting to watch your son grow up to be just like you. If you’re like us, you probably got him started early on with your favorite sports, music, and other aspects of culture. And chances are, it’s a two-way street - meaning he enjoys getting to be like you just as much as you enjoy watching him become a spitting image of you. And what better way to have him looking like his old man than by getting him a matching father and son durag set?

Here at Taelor Boutique, we know how much it means to dads to share something with their son(s). That’s why we’ve crafted some amazing matching durag sets for fathers and sons. On this page, you’ll see a range of awesome sets to choose from. From subtle black and white sets to more off-the-wall colors like orange, purple, blue, and red - you name it, we’ve got it all. Whether you’re a mom shopping for an upcoming birthday, Christmas, or fathers' day gift or you’re a dad and you just want to spoil your little man - these are a no-brainer gift idea. So, shop now and make their day, week, maybe even their whole month!

Why Buy Father and Son Durag Sets At Taelor Boutique?

What makes Taelor Boutique the #1 place to buy matching durag sets for a father and son? Not only do we have the best selection, but we also have the best quality. Our durags are always carefully crafted to exceed your expectations. These are built with the best materials out there - in our silky durags and velvet durags alike. Only the best will suffice for us - and we’re sure you feel the same. That’s why we use better materials and attention to detail than anywhere else on our durags.

Plus, we know what separates the best durags from the rest. On ours, you’ll enjoy that the seam is on the outside - preventing any weird lines from forming on your head. And, we have extra long tails to help you tie yours no matter how much hair you have.

With quadruple stitching, these aren’t going to leave you hanging by busting at the seams. And because they’re one size fits most, you don’t have to worry about playing the guessing game with sizing. 

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Ready to upgrade your durag game? Shop now and get that matching set you have your eye on - you won’t regret it. While you’re here, explore all the rest of our awesome categories. We’ve even got bonnets for women, along with stylish designer jeans you won’t find anywhere else. We’re on a mission to provide men and women with the products they need to look and feel their best - whether it be for their hair or on their body. Shop now and see what has people coming back to Taelor Boutique time and time again!