Are Bonnets For All Hair Types?

About every hair type is suitable to be worn underneath a bonnet.

How? If you think about the purpose of the bonnet, we could all use them.
Bonnets function as a protective layer between our hair and the environment. It protects you from your hair your cotton sheets, your car seats, and any other unforeseen circumstances. So, it is suited for all hair types.

What To Look for In Your Bonnet:

When shopping for your bonnet, you are looking for high quality. You need to ensure that the bonnet will protect your hair without slipping off at night. And also, it is made with high-quality material that can protect your hair. There are a lot of ‘fake’ and ‘dupe’ bonnets that do not do what they claim to do.

Our Bonnets are designed to not only hold your edges down but will also lock in moisture as you sleep. The Satin lining goes all the way to the premiere of the bonnet and the wide band ensures maximum comfort without being too tight.

Bonnets are essential to extending the life of hairstyles, preventing frizz, and retaining moisture.

Here are 3 benefits of wearing a bonnet:

  1. Retaining Moisture: Bonnets are a protective layer between your hair and the environment. Our hair loses moisture much faster when it is exposed to different elements of the environment. Also, when our hair rubs against our cotton sheets, our clothes, or when we play in it. The satin prevents moisture from escaping so we can retain it for much longer. Once our hair stays moisturized for longer, we can reduce breakage, split ends, knots, and tangles. And moisture is needed to keep our hair looking rejuvenated and replenished.
  2. Preventing & Reducing Frizz: Frizzy hair is a result of a lack of moisture. Since the satin aids in retaining as much moisture as possible, it reduces the possibility of your hair becoming frizzy. Once your hair becomes frizzy it is even more susceptible to damage as your hair strands are in a vulnerable state. You can prevent the possibility of breakage, split ends, and single strand knots.
  3. Extending the life of hairstyles: Keeping your hair moisturized for longer which will reduce frizz ensures that the life of your hairstyles will be longer. Through the consistent use of wearing your bonnet, you can expect your wash and go to last for up to 5 days. As well as your twist out to not be puffy as on day 4. So the bonnet works well to ensure that your hair is in an overall optimally healthy state daily.

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Also, you can purchase for the entire family as we do have a kid-friendly collection as well. You are bound to fight for the right bonnet that suits your style.

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