Are Durags Only For Waves?

You love the look of a durag, and you want to start wearing one - but are durags only for waves? While most men rock theirs as a hairstyle preservation tool, you’ll be surprised to learn that this is not the only use-case wearing one.

Sure - the durag will help you unlock those 360 waves you’ve been trying to cultivate for years. There is no doubt about it. But the benefits extend far beyond just the waves. In fact, many men (and women, for that matter) could benefit from incorporating a durag into their hair care regimen - or even just using it to keep their hair up during exercise.

To help you understand just how powerful this seemingly simple piece of fabric is, we’re going to talk you through all the benefits of wearing durags - beyond just helping you make your wave dreams a reality.

So, Are Durags Only For Waves?

First things first - are durags only for waves?

We buried the lead a little bit in our intro, but no - durags are not only for waves. They have all sorts of benefits beyond just helping you get your waves to spin. And shortly, we’ll unveil them all for you. But we want to talk a bit more about how durags help you with your waves first.

If you have a high maintenance hairstyle - like waves - you know how tough it can be to keep it looking fresh. In fact, waves are one of the hardest hairstyles to preserve. They require extra care so that you can wake up each day free of frizz and dryness. And with a goal of getting full 360 waves, you need to rely on a durag. The durag compresses your hair down and forces it to start spinning. But that’s not all - it also locks in moisture or other hair treatment you’ve applied, giving your hair the hydration it needs to keep curling and growing healthy.

How does it work? It’s pretty simple. Each and every night, you brush out your hair, apply your moisturizer, and then tie up that durag. You’ll be able to crawl into bed and let your head hit the pillow - without worrying about friction messing up your hair overnight.

What Are The Other Benefits Of Wearing A Durag?

There’s no question - if you have waves or are hoping to start growing waves, a durag is going to be your new best friend. With that said, we’re here to enlighten you if you believe that’s the only reason to wear these types of caps - they pose plenty of other benefits too. From helping you keep hair out of your face during exercise to helping with hair growth, let’s take a look at all the reasons you should buy durags for men.

Help Maintain Braids & Other Hairstyles, Too

Waves are just one hairstyle a durag can help you maintain. These are also essential for locking in thick, tightly coiled braids as well. That means these are a great choice for women with long, luscious locks too - not just men. However, most of the time women will opt for a bonnet instead.

Moisture Preservation For The Hair & Scalp

If you have thick, tightly coiled hair - as most black people do - you probably know the struggle to keep those strands hydrated. Moisture treatments are a must to keep your hair and scalp healthy - but these are just a quick fix. To truly reap the benefits of them, you need to lock that moisture in using a durag. This will help you keep the treatment on your head overnight instead of letting it rub off on your pillow or evaporate. If you put some form of treatment on your hair before bed, a durag is a great way to keep it on the scalp overnight. Learn more about how durags are good for your hairline in our related blog post.

Prevents Discomfort During Exercise

If you have short hair, you might not be familiar with the uncomfortable, distracting feeling of hair hitting you in the face while you exercise. Whether you’re lifting weights, running, playing basketball - you name it. You gotta keep that hair out of your face. You have a few options here - tie it up, wear a hat, or, better yet, rock that durag! Not only will a durag keep hair out of your face, but it also keeps sweat from getting in your eyes - killing two birds with one stone. 

Protects Your Hair & Scalp From Sun

If you spend long days out in the sun, you know how damaging it can be to your hair. Not only does it dry it out, but it can cause permanent damage - just as overusing heat treatments can. And, hats don’t always do the trick. Instead, those whose hair is frequently exposed to the sun should rock a durag. Stick with light colored durags which will do a better job reflecting heat instead of absorbing it.

Durags Complement Your Style

We saved one of the most noteworthy benefits for last - durags complement your style and can help you look fresh. With rap icons like A$AP Ferg, Drake, and more all sporting durags from time to time, these are becoming more and more accepted as a fashion statement. With a nice designer durag, you can step out looking and feeling your best - knowing you’re taking care of your hair along the way!

Are Durags Only For Waves? Wrapping Up

Are durags only for waves? At this point you know that this is not the case. In fact, there is no shortage of reasons to sport your durag with pride. Not only is it a great fashion statement, but it unlocks all sorts of other benefits - like helping you keep your scalp moisturized, keeping your hair out of the way, etc.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to our shop and find your perfect durag - whether it is your first one or you’re upgrading your wardrobe and adding to the collection. We use the best materials and a unique design that helps you preserve your hairstyle to perfection. There’s a reason we’re the #1 choice for all things durags, bonnets, and culture - take a look and see why for yourself.

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