Best Bonnet For Your Natural Hair

As a naturalista, you should not be going to bed without a bonnet. Bonnets are especially important to protect and maintain the health of your natural hair. They keep the moisture in the hair to reduce frizz, maintain softness, and extend the life of your hairstyles. So, you should be sleeping with bonnets.

Luckily for you, here at Taelor Boutique, we sell a wide variety of bonnets suited for anyone. Whether you prefer a plain-designed or an eccentric-designed bonnet, we got you.

These are the two types of bonnets we sell: SILK and VELVET.


Our silk bonnets are made with silky-satin premium material. The material keeps the moisture locked into your hair to keep the frizz at bay needed to retain your hairstyle. The silk bonnets are soft and smooth to not cause any friction between your hair and the bonnet. Also, the silky/satin lining goes all the way around the bonnet especially along the wide band to ensure maximum comfort. You do not want to be wearing a tight bonnet that can affect your sleeping.


Our velvet bonnets are made with a high-quality velvet material. The material contains fibers that will keep the hair smooth and soft as it is the protective barrier to prevent moisture from escaping. This is important especially if you want to retain your hairstyle for an extra couple of days. Similar to the silk bonnets, the velvet lining goes all around the bonnet which does not make it tight or uncomfortable to wear at all.

Both bonnets are great for you as they conduct similar functions. You can choose which bonnet type works well for your hair type. As well as which bonnet can hold retain your hairstyles more. You can have both bonnets as options in your hair stash so you can use whichever one suits your hair needs.

In addition, they both aid in holding your edges/baby hairs in place throughout the week. So, you do not have to restyle in the morning which can affect the hair growth process. As well as it is very time-consuming to make sure the hairs ‘swoop’ right. Our bonnets allow you to remove your bonnet and head out the door in record time.

You can choose between multiple colours, prints, and unique designs. As well as specific needs as you may prefer the wide-band bonnets. All of our bonnets are priced affordably ranging between $10 to $25. So, it is suited for anyone with a tight budget that still wants quality. Also, it is family-friendly as you can get a mommy and me or a daddy and I set of bonnets for you and your little one.

 Let us know in the comments which bonnet you will be purchasing.

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