How To Put On A Durag

Here's your 7 step guide on how to put a durag on.

Durags are easy to wear once you know exactly what to do. We all have faced the problems of the durag leaving a crease or it slipping off at night. As well as, when we wear it outside it starts to unravel. This is not what it’s supposed to do especially if you are wearing any of the bonnets from the boutique.

Our durags are designed to maintain the sheen and softness of the hair while holding it into place:

Here is a step-by-step on how to put on a durag:

  1. Decide on your hairstyle. The first step is very important. Are you trying to tame your fro, maintain your braids or your waves? Depending on your chosen style, you may have to do a few extra steps first. If you are wearing a fro you may want to moisturize so the durag aids in retaining moisture. However, if you are wearing braids that are days old, a foaming mousse is perfect to rejuvenate the look. And if you are wearing waves, they may need to be reset or you can immediately go to step 2.
  2. Place the durag over your hair ensure to cover from roots to tip. You want to make sure that all of the hair is covered underneath the durag. It helps with retaining moisture and holding the style in place. If any areas are missing, then it can affect the results for tomorrow. A good rule of thumb is to ensure the top of the durag is right above your eyebrows.
  3. Grab the sides at the middle of its length and pull behind you.The middle is the best area as it gives you the security to keep the durag in place without it shifting. If you were to grab from the end, then you would have to reset your durag again.
  4.  Crisscross the sides/flap/wings  at the back of the head
  5. Bring the sides/flaps/wings to the forehead
  6. Pull down the tail to make sure that there are no gaps so the durag lays flat
  7. Crisscross the sides/flaps/wings at the forehead then bring it to the back. This provides the security needed to hold the durag in place during the night while you’re on the road. Remember to not do it too tightly where your head starts to hurt or it feels extremely uncomfortable. Once at the back secure it into place with a knot or a bow. Knots are more secure however others have a preference for a bow.

Voila! Putting on durag is quite easy with this 7-step process.

It should take no longer than 1 minute if you are a beginner but once you become a pro, you can get it done in 20 seconds or less.

There's not one right way to tie a durag, we all tie ours differently but a lot of customers have asked for instruction videos as many are either new to wearing durags or just want to see other ways of tying their durags.

We asked our amazing customers if they'd like to showcase how they tie their durags

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