How To Wash A Durag

Washing your durag is not a complicated process.

It will take 5 minutes of your time. This can be done right before you leave for work or on the weekends when you are doing laundry. Once you consistently start wearing your durag ensure to wash it often. Often will depend on you as it can be weekly or monthly. However, if you are using a lot of products that are oil and gel-based, you will have to wash them weekly.

Here is how to wash your durag in 5 easy steps:-

  1. Dampen the durag with room temperature water. You want to soak the durag in water so the following step is more effective.
  2. Apply shampoo or cleanser to the durag. You want to use a product that will leave your durag feeling squeaky clean. It has to leave the durag feeling clean from all the products to build up, oils, gels, and even butter that you have been using since you last washed it.
  3. Scrub the durag using the pads of your fingers. The shampoo/cleanser will start to lift the dirt from the durag. But you should follow up with scrubbing to remove the extra layers that the product cannot do. The pads of your fingers are an exception tool to remove the product build-up that is stuck in those soiled and stubborn areas.
  4. Rinse twice then, rinse twice to ensure all of the shampoos are removed. Also, you can leave the water running while squeezing the durag to ensure every drop is removed. No need to wring your durag as it is made with high-quality fibres that make it easy to dry.
  5.  Air dry. The final step is to air dry. You can leave it on the paper towel, towel hangar, balcony, or clothes hanging rack to let it dry. A silky/satin durag will dry quicker than the velvet durag due to the material. But do not dry your durag in a dryer as the fibers can be destroyed by the heat and movement of the machine.


This simple and quick process is suitable for anyone with a busy lifestyle.

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