Matching Bonnet & Durag Sets


Do you and your significant other love durags and bonnets? Or, maybe you know a couple that does? Whatever the reason, our matching bonnet & durag sets are a great buy for any occasion! Shop his & hers sets all in one today at Taelor Boutique.

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Buy Matching Bonnet & Durag Sets At Taelor Boutique

Traditionally, bonnets are worn by women, and durags are worn by men. These headpieces look slightly different, but they more or less serve the exact same purpose - helping black men and women preserve their hairstyle and protect against damage, friction, dryness, and frizziness. You can apply your hair treatment at night before bed, pull your bonnet/durag on, and lock that treatment and moisture in while preventing any sort of rubbing/friction on your pillowcase while you sleep. Both the bonnet and durag have cultural significance as well - if you were raised by parents, uncles, or grandparents that had high-maintenance, tightly-coiled hairstyles - you’re already familiar with durags and bonnets.

And now, getting his and hers gifts for your favorite couples has never been easier with our matching bonnet and durag sets! Or, maybe you and your partner both wear bonnets/durags - you guys can match with one easy purchase. 

Whatever the case, these sets are a great way to get both a bonnet and a durag that look exactly the same. Both items are sure to exceed your expectations  - because that is what we’re all about here at Taelor Boutique. Shop all the exciting styles below or keep reading to learn what makes our collection so special!

Why Our Matching Bonnet & Durag Sets Are Such A Great Idea

Not convinced these matching durag and bonnet sets are the right choice for you? Whether you’re buying one for yourself and one to give to that special someone or you’re buying both as a gift for two other people, this is a great idea. Once they have the chance to try out their new durag/bonnet, they’ll be over the moon. That’s because there are no better durags/bonnets than our handcrafted selection. What makes our products so special? Simple. We use the best materials and unparalleled attention to detail.

Across all our durags for men and bonnets for women, you’ll find the same quality materials like satin, silk, and polyester. These are the premier choice for hair care, as they offer the most luxurious feel possible. No itching, scratching, or irritation - ever. And, the fabric is incredibly lightweight and well-ventilated. So despite the fact that moisture won’t escape, fresh air can enter - keeping you cool and comfortable.

Across both our durags and bonnets you’ll enjoy long and wide straps for extra comfort, hold, compression and optimum hair care. Whether you’re a beginner waver, an elite waver, or just want to preserve your braids/dreads - we’re here to help. Other noteworthy features include quadruple stitching to prevent rips/tears, outside seams to prevent lines from forming on the head, and one-size-fits-all for hassle-free shopping. What more could you ask for?

Shop All Taelor Boutique Has To Offer

As you’ll discover once you start browsing around our catalog, durags and bonnets aren’t all we offer - you’ll also find reasonably priced designer jeans, beanies, and more. Shop now and experience the Taelor Boutique difference!