Velvet Durags

Don’t get us wrong - we love silk durags. But, there is something to be said about the premium look and feel of velvet durags, too. That’s why we’ve carefully crafted a wide range of options with this unique material just for you. Shop now and enjoy lightning-fast 2-day shipping in the US and UK, along with a 100& satisfaction guarantee!

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Upgrade Your Hair Care With Our Expertly Crafted Velvet Durags

If you’re planning to wear your durag out and about, you probably want to go with the velvet durag - why? Because it offers a more luxurious look that will have you turning heads each and every time you step out. After all, part of the reason we love wearing these is to make a fashion statement - it’s not all about the hair care!

With that said, though, these do wonders to preserve and protect your hair. Whether you are looking for help with your 360 waves or you just want to lock in moisture and treatment to help keep your hair healthy - the velvet material is an excellent choice. It’s also great for those colder times of the year, keeping your head warm as you go about your day.

And, for the best selection of velvet-material durags, look no further than Taelor Boutique. We have the best selection online, crafted from premium fabric you’ll love pulling on each and every day. With unbeatable service to boot, you can’t beat the experience we offer - shop now and see for yourself!

How Our Velvet Durags Exceed Expectations, Time After Time

What is it about a Taelor Boutique velvet durag that has our customers ranting and raving? How are we able to exceed expectations time after time? There are a few reasons we’re the premier choice for all things men’s durags and women’s bonnets

First and foremost, the quality of our products is unparalleled. From the luxury materials we source to the expertly crafted final product - you really can’t be the quality we offer. The velvet we use for these durags is sourced sustainably - it’s 100% pure velvet, and 100% reusable and washable. This ensures it lasts long, so you get the most out of your money. And, the material is incredibly comfortable and stretchable, making it perfect for those who have sensitive skin and/or lot’s of hair to fit under the cap. Across all our durags, we keep the seams on the outside so you don’t get lines in your hair. And, we use an interior satin fabric to keep your hair moisturized and prevent any pulling or friction - while keeping your head feeling cool and comfortable. 

But beyond just the quality of our products, you’ll experience unbeatable customer service too. We take great pride in being known as a 5-star customer service brand. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, hassle-free 60-day returns, and 2-day shipping in the US and UK. There is so much to love about shopping here at Taelor Boutique! 

Experience All Taelor Boutique Has To Offer!

As you’ll soon discover, the only hard part about buying a durag at Taelor Boutique is choosing which one you want. With so many stunning styles to choose from, you’ll be overwhelmed by our impressive selection - but you don’t have to just choose one, thankfully! 

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