Women's Turbans

We love womens bonnets - but if you find that you struggle to tie yours up or fit your hair in a typical bonnet, our women’s turbans could be exactly what you need. Explore all the styles we have to offer here at Taelor Boutique and treat yourself to the haircare essentials you deserve!

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Protect Your Hair With Women’s Turbans From Taelor Boutique!

Whether you’re headed to the beach and want to protect your hair from the wind, sun, and sand, or you’re getting ready for bed and want to prevent friction on your pillowcase - our women’s turbans are a must-have for anyone looking to maintain, protect, or grow a high-maintenance hairstyle. Shop now and treat yourself to the practical women’s fashion turbans you deserve!

As you’ll see by browsing the styles below, we have all the variety you could ever need. Maybe you want a simple, understated turban that you can wear around the house. Or maybe, you want something that is going to catch eyes and turn heads when you step outside. Wherever your preferences lie, we’ve got what you need here.

We’re proud to be known as the #1 choice for black men and women shopping for caps, durags, bonnets, and of course, turbans. We’re passionate about helping you meet your hair goals - and keeping your hairstyle preserved for the long haul. You’re going to love your new turban - we’re so confident, in fact, that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on your order. You’ve got nothing to lose!

Why Our Women’s Turbans Are So Amazing

Wondering what makes our women’s turbans for hair loss so amazing? There are a few reasons we’re the preferred choice for women’s fashion turbans. First and foremost, we use better materials than anyone else. Our unique blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex allows for a comfortable fit. It compresses your hair to keep that hairstyle intact - without rubbing or creating friction that could lead to hair loss. And because so many women have reported that they struggle to keep their turbans on - or tie them in the first place - we have crafted some of ours to be pre-tied/pre-wrapped. 

And in terms of the styles we offer, you won’t find better diversity. We’ve got simple, base-colored turbans for women and we’ve got patterned designs for those who want to make a statement. You can stock up on a few different styles so you’re prepared for any occasion - whether you want to make some noise with your entry or keep things subtle.

As a black owned business, we are passionate about helping women meet or maintain their hair goals. We know that black hair care isn’t easy - and that’s why we’re here to help. Our customer service team is on standby if you have any questions about picking your women’s fashion turban, using it correctly to prevent hair loss, or even initiating a return. After all, we make exchanges and refunds easy here at Taelor Boutique - so you can shop in confidence today.

Looking For Other Caps To Round Out Your Hair Care Regimen?

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