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Orange Silk Durag

Orange Silk Durag

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Taelor Boutique’s premium silky durags are constructed from an industry-leading premium silk-blend specially woven with polyester to last while providing the highest level of compression and comfort. We only use high-quality silky satin materials providing the most luxurious feel while locking in the moisture needed to maintain your hairstyle.

The fibres in our lightweight fabric keep your head well ventilated. Long and wide straps for extra hold, comfortable compression, and optimum hair care.

Wash in cold water and air dry.

Great for beginner wavers to elite wavers or those who want to preserve their braids or dreads

  • One Size Fits All – breathable material with a secure snug fit. So, there’s no need to worry about it sliding off during the night.
  • Premium Quality – We only use high quality silky satin materials providing the most luxurious feel while locking in the moisture needed to maintain your hairstyle.
  • Perfect Compression – for laying down hair whilst locking in moisture. This allows you to maintain and enhance your wave patterns.
  • Outside Seam & Quadruple Stitching – All seams are on the outside leaving no lines left down the middle of your hair and the quadruple stitching ensures the durag won’t rip.
  • Long & Wide Tails – 40-inch straps Our tails are long enough to be double wrapped around your head so that you can style to your own preference. The wider tails eliminate forehead lines whilst adding that extra comfort.
  • Unisex – Can be worn by both men and women! made with silky satin perfect for laying your hair down.
  • Fashionable - This is not your ordinary durag. It combines a fashionable look with a comfortable wear.

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